About Boule Diagnostics

Boule Diagnostics AB (publ) is a global diagnostics company specializing in near-patient, decentralized blood diagnostics and one of the few companies in the global diagnostics market that conducts its own development, manufacturing and marketing of instruments and consumables for blood diagnostics. The Company primarily serves hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other diagnostics companies to which it offers complete systems for blood diagnostics (hematology) in both the human and veterinary areas. Boule has strong positions in important emerging markets such as in Asia and in recent years has improved its position in the fast-growing veterinary market. Operations are conducted through operating subsidiaries in Sweden, the United States, Mexico and Russia. The Group reported net sales of approximately SEK 400 million in 2020 and has over 200 employees.
Sales are conducted globally, predominantly through the company’s 200 or so distributors in over 100 countries, supported by Boule’s own local sales and service personnel. Boule has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2011.



Improving health for everyone, everywhere.


We work closely with our customers and partners to provide user-friendly, high-quality, near-patient diagnostics solutions everywhere in the world.


We efficiently develop, manufacture and provide complete solutions for the human and veterinary markets.

  • Operating margin (EBIT margin) above 15 percent,
  • Average annual long-term sales growth above 10 percent,
  • Net debt (interest-bearing liabilities minus cash and cash equivalents.
  • An annual dividend corresponding to 25-50 percent of profit for the year, taking into account the Company's liquidity.



Protect and grow Boule’s core business
Continue to improve efficiency, increase production capacity and ensure quality and regulatory compliance. Develop and launch next generation product platforms.

Secure positions in emerging markets
Further develop distributor relationships and networks
and strengthen local presence.

Grow in new segments and markets
Expand into new geographical markets and new customer segments with improved sales methods and resources and by joining with partners.

Develop OEM and CDS brand operations
Focus on and expand selected profitable product segments (CDS=Clinical Diagnostic Solutions, OEM=Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Broaden the customer offering
Develop new product platforms and broaden the product portfolio through partnerships and acquisitions. Expand the offering of service and customer solutions.


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